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Sandalwood + Patchouli


Introducing our #1 top-selling fragrance, a captivating blend of earth-toned scents that appeals to all with its distinctively masculine allure. This best-selling scent is crafted to exude a warm and earthy aroma, deliberately excluding any sweet notes. At the heart of this combination is the commanding presence of sandalwood, which takes charge and envelops you in its comforting warmth. To enhance the richness, we have included the subtle and captivating essence of amber. Immerse yourself in this enticing fragrance and experience the cozy embrace of nature's earthy embrace.


  • 11oz candle
  • Cotton, no-lead wick
  • Glass tumbler jar
  • Soy + coconut natural wax
  • Waterproof candle label
  • Approx. 100 hrs burn time
  • Styrofoam insert to hold candle in place
  • Heavy duty pull up lid box


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