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Cotton Blossom + Citrus Votive


Indulge in the gentle allure of our lightest scent combination, NO. 2 COTTON BLOSSOM + CITRUS, designed to captivate those who appreciate soft and airy fragrances that evoke the essence of fresh linen and the beach. This undeniably pleasant scent features refreshing notes of Jasmine, Blonde Woods, Lemon, and Lime, creating a delightful blend that is both invigorating and comforting. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance it creates, and let your senses wander to visions of sun-kissed shores and the crisp freshness of newly laundered fabrics.


  • 3.5oz candle
  • Cotton, no-Lead wick
  • Glass tumbler jar
  • Soy + coconut natural wax
  • Waterproof candle label
  • Approx. 20-25 hrs burn time
  • Great sampler size to mix and match
  • Made in the USA

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